Breann & Taylor’s Wedding

May 29th, 2014

Venue: Pala Mesa Resort

Video: Motus Films

Photography: Aubree Lynn Photography

DJ: Sterling Productions

One of the best weddings of the year!! – great looking couple with awesome friends and family that know how to celebrate!! The whole day was fantastic!  It was so nice to see close family friend; Tyler officiating the ceremony too!  The Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook is a beautiful venue, with all the amenities close by, and a superb staff, it was the perfect choice.  We wish all the best for the happy couple!

Click here to see Video Footage of Breann & Taylor’s Wedding


Stephanie & Kyle

May 20th, 2014

Such a perfect wedding from beginning to end! Stephanie & Kyle were an adorable couple and chose a fantastic venue that really complimented their vision & style. Temecula in general has much to offer brides; with breathtaking views and great local vendors. We know Stephanie & Kyle will enjoy their new lives together as husband & wife. Congrats!

Venue: Wiens Family Cellars – Temecula

Photography: Timothy J. Photography

DJ & Lighting: Sterling Productions



Jessica & Austin – Ponte Winery Temecula – Lighting

March 14th, 2014

Such a beautiful couple and a fantastic venue!  We couldn’t wait to add the right touches to this incredible barrel room.


Venue: Ponte Winery

Photography: Leah Marie 

Lighting: Sterling Productions

Entertainment: Brian Stodart

Flowers: MFG Designs





Tastful Cakes Demonstration

May 30th, 2013



Temecula’s own Falkner Winery played host to a fantastic demonstration of what goes in to making a stunning, custom wedding cake.  So much I didn’t know!  Falkner Winery’s Pinnacle Restaurant was a beautiful platform for us to show off our various forms of custom lighting.  We feature our cordless  & wireless up-lighting on the pillars around the room and pin spot lights for the centerpieces as well as textured lighting to spruce up the table linen decor.  Our job was to provide wireless headset and lapel microphones for the bakers and decorators as they wowed the crowd!  and educated with an audience made up of the “Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals” a local networking group of talented, local vendors.  Though the highlight of the evening was the desert;  Falkners Winery’s chef prepared one of the best food & wine pairing dinners I have ever tasted – absolutely fabulous!!


Larson – Baumbach Weding South Coast Winery 5-18-13

May 29th, 2013

I was very much looking forward to this wedding.  Both the bride & groom are in the military so I wanted to make this event one to remember and very easy for the couple to plan a stress free wedding.   Just got great vibes from them right away and got the same feeling on the big day.  Weather was perfect and when I saw who my team for the day were:  Reverend Don Toshack, Hulse Photography & Claudia from South Coast,

I just knew right away this one was going to one to remember! – I was not wrong.  A perfect wedding from start to finish – tons of dancing for all ages and full of very special moments & laughter! – That’s what it’s all about ..right?



Leslie & Andy – Mount Palomar Winery Temecula

February 11th, 2013

Venue: Mount Palomar Winery

Photography: Hulse Photography

DJ & Lighting: Sterling Productions

Flowers: MFG Designs



After many weeks of planning Leslie & Andy’s big day had arrived.   Blessed with perfect weather, Mount Palomar Winery proved to be the perfect venue for the big celebration.  Leslie & Andy felt very much at home with their friend & judge performing the ceremony.  Definitely  one of the most memorable ceremonies I  have ever witnessed, full of witticism, sentiment and heartfelt moments.  Guests enjoyed cocktails and snacks before convening to the reception area for dinner.  Andy & Leslie wanted a heavy focus on dancing for all ages throughout  the night – music to my ears!  This wedding had everything going for it – fun and causal atmosphere, amazing food & service, the perfect decor and great music all night long! – so much fun – I know that Andy & Leslie will have a lifetime of happiness together.


Amanda & Rob 1/19/13 Wilson Creek Winery Temeclua

January 30th, 2013

We were delighted to start the new year off with a fantastic wedding for Amanda & Rob.  The adorable, good-looking couple had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment of the special day.  A light-heated ceremony by reverend Christopher Tuttle started things off and left everyone feeling that this was going to be a fun day.  The day went off without any hitches at all – The venue was fantastic, the decor breathtaking and the last minute decision to ad specialty lighting really topped things off.  Gusts of all ages were raring to to go and filled the dance floor very quickly, and a nice slide show created by the families added a lovely sentiment to the day.  So much fun!!

Venue: Wilson Creek Winery

Flowers: MFG Designs

Photography: April Smith

Lighting: Sterling Productions

Entertainment: Sterling Productions




Christine & Floyd’s Wedding South Coast Winery Temecula 12/22/12

January 11th, 2013

Venue: South Coast Winery

Photography: Bella Mia

Entertainment: Sterling Productions

Videography: Energy Event Pros

Coordination: Amber Joy-Day

Flowers: MFG Designs

Lighting & Special Effects: Sterling Productions

Back again to beautiful South Coast Winery. What better way to celebrate a December wedding than to decorate “Winter Wonderland Style!” Christine’s Mother Sharon, secretly planned a few extra surprises as well: The newlyweds had no idea they would be “dancing on the clouds” to our dry ice effect or should be enjoying the fun photo booth with all the family & guests. Christine & Floyd were made for each other – such a cute couple. Christine’s stunning dress looked absolutely wonderful, and Floyd; the Dashing Groom, was dressed to impress his new bride! A perfect day in every way: All of the decorations were hand made by the families and looked fabulous I must say, and fit very well with The Barrel Room’s natural charm. We added plenty more flare with textured snow flake lighting on the bell tower & patio, along with Sky Blue up-lights all around the room to give it that winter feel. After a breathtaking 1st dance, & plenty of heartfelt speeches the guests enjoyed a delicious meal and tasty wines of all kinds. Dancing & fun ensued to cap off an incredible evening before Christmas and the Holidays



The Thornton Make-over

March 8th, 2012

The Thornton Winery Makeover

Thornton Winery; one of the Temecula Valley’s most well known landmarks, famous for its fine wines & jazz concerts, has a lot going for it: A wonderful restaurant, stunning grounds  and of course great wines, but something was slightly lacking in one of the private event rooms situated upstairs overlooking the vineyards.  So the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals (T.V.W.P.) a group of very talented local vendors took this opportunity to bring new life & style to an old banquet room.  Here is what they came up with – They wanted to show three different & distinct looks – a great way to spruce up an outdated room – you should have seen the look on the Thornton Winery employees faces when they saw the room……. they  almost expected Peter Pan to come flying in to whisk them away to Neverland…..

Katie & Kyle June 2011 Casa Romanica San Clemente

January 27th, 2012

Venue: Casa Romantica

Photography: Troy Grover (Aimee & Troy)

Entertainment: Sterling Productions

Coordination: Lisa Wagoner

Catering: Iva Lees

Flowers: Floral Occasions


The perfect Beach wedding, I must say! When I did the location inspection my mouth dropped at how beautiful  this location was – I had been here years before, but not for a wedding.  I now experienced first-hand the vision of  the mother of the bride.  Pulling off a wedding like this one was going to take all of the coordinator’s skill & experience.  I worked very closely with Lisa to make sure everything was flowing nicely.  200 guests seated in 4 different areas was the main challenge, so speakers were needed  throughout the property.  Guests enjoyed lavish  hors d’oeuvres & wine in the front atria & house  while the younger generation played table tennis and took in the breathtaking views.  Introductions ensued with a rousing chorus of “In the Navy” by the village people, which seemed to get everyone fired up for the dancing that was to come.  Guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner inside & out before the maid of honor & best man’s toasts.  The cake cutting followed with guests being invited inside for the formal dancing and merriment. These folks danced to everything I played from the moment the dance floor was open ’til it was time for the grand send off.  A fairytale wedding in every way! The newlyweds had a festive sparkler send off just before the heavens opened up and the rain began to pour.  I will never forget this one….. so much fun!!!