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Tyler & Eric’s Wedding Oct. 1st Bella Collina, San Clemente

Friday, November 4th, 2011

It’s hard sometimes to put your finger on exactly what makes a great wedding. Well whatever it is, happened at this wedding. A day filled with wonderful people of all ages bent of having as much fun as the day would allow. The day started out with a perfect ceremony and great weather for the fun couple. A heartfelt and meaningful ceremony delivered by officiant Paul Reed set things off, followed by a delightful cocktail hour with amazing hors d’oeuvres and spectacular views of the grounds.
The reception began with great excitement, with introductions and the first dance. I knew when I saw so many smiling faces that this was going to be an exceptional celebration. The adorable wedding coordinator Nubby kept things moving on schedule an told me to let loose with dance favorites, and I gladly obliged. To be honest, they actually wore me out, dancing to everything I played. It’s so nice when you can play all styles of music and still keep a full dance floor. The event staff were very accommodating and served an amazing dinner, there was even a candy station for the young ones and not so young ones alike. Altogether an incredible evening, it was such a joy to play for Eric, Tyler and all of their friends and families – let’s do it again!

Officiant: Paul Reed
Wedding Coordinator: Nubby Frauenzimmer
Photographer: Michael Kelly
Disc Jockey: Mark Davies/Sterling Productions
Video: Prince Productions