Amanda & Rob 1/19/13 Wilson Creek Winery Temeclua

We were delighted to start the new year off with a fantastic wedding for Amanda & Rob.  The adorable, good-looking couple had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment of the special day.  A light-heated ceremony by reverend Christopher Tuttle started things off and left everyone feeling that this was going to be a fun day.  The day went off without any hitches at all – The venue was fantastic, the decor breathtaking and the last minute decision to ad specialty lighting really topped things off.  Gusts of all ages were raring to to go and filled the dance floor very quickly, and a nice slide show created by the families added a lovely sentiment to the day.  So much fun!!

Venue: Wilson Creek Winery

Flowers: MFG Designs

Photography: April Smith

Lighting: Sterling Productions

Entertainment: Sterling Productions




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